Archive of San'at magazine

1. Glazed ceramics of the Chiganiana To - XI centuries
2. Carved marble
3. Openwork metal music
4. The master of contemporary jewelry art
5. EGO
6. Peers independence
7. Folklore performance Kashkadarya
8. Aesthetic phenomenon piano music Rachmaninov

9. Interrupted flight...
10. Master film reportage
11. It is a weapon and a work of art
12. The fine art of Kazakhstan era of change
13. Idiofonicheskie toos in the art of dance Azerbaijan
14. Musical polyphony on the earth of ancient Samarkand

1. Academy of Arts - The Creation of Independent Uzbekistan
2. Classicism of the Two Decades
3. The Art of Uzbekistan in the Context of Time
4. Traditional Arts of Uzbekistan of Independence Period
5. Fine Arts Week - 2011
6. Theatre: Time of Change
7. Musical Uzbekistan - Richness of Diversity
8. Feature Film Cinematography in Uzbekistan over the 20 Years of Independence

9. Key Trends in the Monumental Sculpture of Karakalpakstan
10. Anvar Mamajanov
11. Ikuo Hirayama Award - a Prestigious Recognition in the Field of Archeology
12. The Art Life Chronicle
13. Editorial Board

1. History and Modern Day in Documentary Films of Karakalpakstan
2. Blue Deer and Red Elephants, or Kitsch Trend in Uzbekistan Textiles
3. Reflections on the Uzbek Art Photography
4. Life Is a Fleeting Instant
5. The "Amphitheatre" of Artist Erkin Vorobyov
6. The Result of the "Nafosat-2010" contest
7. New books
8. Mursal Najafov (1918-1997), the Chronicler of the Azerbaijani Art History

9. International Cooperation Prospects
10. The Portrait of the Alisher Navoi
11. Aristotle's Riddle
12. Programmatic Line in Instrumental Music of the XX Century Uzbek Composers
13. The Art Life Chronicle
14.Glazed Ceramics from Fergana Valley: History and Modern Day
15. The TOP-ART-2010 Results
16.On the Wings of an Angel
17. Editorial Board

1. The Unknown Antefix Finds from Khalchayan
2. The Early Herat Miniature
3. Life Dedicated to Science
4. The Tashkent Wall-painting School
5. Hedonism in Contemporary Art
6. "TashkentAle 2010" - Results and Experiences
7. New Names. Jamshid Jumanov
8. Brief Historical Overview of the Origin of Puppets
9. Public Art

10. Epic Concept in the Stage Design
11. The System of Epistemes in Advertisement Design
12. Literary Works on Screen
13. Charming Shukur Burkhanov
14. Dedication to the Composer Suleiman Yudakov
15. Art Life Chronicle
16. Editorial Board

1. A View On the History of Minarets on the Territory of Uzbekistan
2.On the Subject of Hedonism in the Art of Central Asia
3. Colour in the Temurid Architecture
4. Architectural Monuments - the Nation's High Art and Asset
5. Artistic Interpretations of Sabir Rakhmetov
6. Iskander Vahitov, Graphic Artist and Aquarellist
7. "The Open Hand" of Medat Kagarov
8. New Names: Malika Yuldasheva
9. On the Issue of Studying the Genesis of Cinema in Uzbekistan

10. Folk Customs and Rituals on Stage
11. LIK Motion Theatre: Art and Charity
12. Jewellery Decoration of the XVIII-XIX cc. Arms from Azerbaijan
13. New books
14. Celebration that Stays with You
15. The World of Kimono
16. Art Life Chronicle
17. The 50th Anniversary of the "Social Sciences in Uzbekistan" Journal
18. Editorial Board

1. Transformation of the Image of War...
2. Hedonism in the Art of Central Asia
3. Tashkent and Its Artists
4. Visiting the Masters and Students
5. Local Features of Traditional Embroidery of Kashkadarya
6. New names: Nuriddin Narziev
7. New names: Nodir Bobomuradov
8. Yurt - Home - Cosmos

9. Colour Solutions in the Design of Kazakh Dress
10. Felt in the Turkic World: History and Present Day
11. Traditional Instruments in Uzbek Popular Music
12. A Monument of Abu Ali Ibn Sino
13. International Museum Day in Uzbekistan
14. Art Life Chronicle
15. Editorial Board

1. Contacts, Achievement, Results
2. Reconstruction of Nadir Divanbegi Architectural Ensemble in Samarqand
3. Tashkent and Its Artists
4. Varsham Yeremyan (Notes of a Cameraman)
5. The Problem of Utopia in the XIX-XXI Centuries Art of Uzbekistan
6. Ruzihon Jalilova: "The Bloom of My Land"
7. Khabibulla Rakhimov: "The Seasons of Tashkent"

8. From the History of Relationship...
9. Music Culture of the 20th Century Uzbekistan
10. Homage to Joseph Martin
11. Interconnections in Art Criticism of Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan
12. Folklore Traditions in Kazakh Cinematography
13. New books
14. Art Life Chronicle
15. Editorial Board

1. Art Values of the Land of Khorezm
2. Male Costume of Ancient Khorezm
3. The Art of Khorezm: Pages of Cultural History
4. The Art of Jewellery-Making in Ancient Khorezm
5. City on the Sand
6. Ata Palvanov, Master Wood-Carver from Khiva
7. Traditional Costume of Uzbek Women
8. Silk Money from Khorezm
9. The First Uzbek Photographer

10. The Urgench Gallery of Paintings
11. The V Tashkent Biennale: Results and Reflections
12. Spiritual Universe of Atahan Allabergenov
13. Traditional Forms of Khorezmian Dance
14. The Art of Sattar Bahlulzade
15. Art Life Chronicle
16. Editorial Board

1. The Theme of Love and Its Attributes in Oriental Miniature
2. The Art of Termez Painters Mir Musavvir and Mir Saeed Ali
3. The Art of Bahrom Hamdami
4. Of Human Beauty
5. Abdukadir Yusupov
6. Artist Gulzor Sultanova
7. Images of Fellow-Villagers in the Works of Sultanbai Dekhkanov

8. Colour and Ornamental Categories...
9. The Four Seasons and Music
10. The History of One Children's Song (On the Continuity of Musical Tradition)
11. Anniversary of Akbar Khakimov
12. New Books
13. Memorable Dates Calendar for 2009
14. Art Life Chronicle
15. Editorial Board

1. Representation of Settlements in Uzbekistan Petroglyphs
2. Some History of the Art of Photography in Tashkent
3. Pavel Ben'kov in the History of Uzbek Painting
4. Zoomorphic Motifs in Karakalpak Ornamental Art
5. Oriental Style Traditions...
6. Fine Arts Week 2009

7. Searching for Golden Mountains
8. Anvar Mirso and his Landscapes
9. The Unique Collection of Saltanat Siddikova
10. On the Subject of Ethnic and Cultural Parallels
11. Art Life Chronicle
12. Editorial Board

1. Craftsmen's Ritual "Kamar Baste"
2. Semantics of Khapamat and Gulband Jewellery
3. Moon-face: New Trends in Contemporary Art of Uzbekistan
4. The Uzbek Land, So Rich in Talents!
5. Magic in Stone
6. The Images of Khorezm in the Painting of Soliy Kadirov

7. Artistic Dynasty of the Narkuzievs-Makhmudovs
8. Nigora Sharafkhojaeva
9. Sayora Gafurova: In the Prime of Her Art
10. Mustafo Bafoev: Features of His Art
11. Modern Cinema of Uzbekistan: Social Functions and Poetics
12. Art Life Chronicle
13. Editorial Board

1. Reconstructing Central Asian Bullock-cart
2. Central Asian Ceramics in the Collections...
3. Gypsum Decor from the Varakhsha Palace
4. "Troops Marched as the Rolling Thunder"
5. The Interior and Space Outside
6. Little Known Paintings
7. Photo of the 1960s
8. Colour Traditions in Creative Textile
9. Wood-Carving in the Art...

10. The World through the Eyes...
11. "5 + 1" - The Art of the Young
12. Dilyara Nizametdinova
13. The Art of Yallachi
14. Ancient Art on Modern-Day Stage
15. Popular Music in Uzbekistan...
16. Life Devoted to Art
17. Creative Cooperation of Uzbek...
18. Art Life Chronicle
19. Editorial Board

1. Sufistic Concept of Attire in the...
2. Cryptography of Karakalpak Patterns
3. From the History of Tilla-Kosh Jewellery
4. The Harmony of Mind and Imagination
5. Space in Thoughts, in Images, in Canvases
6. Metaphysical Experience of Bakhodir Jalal
7. Art Workshop and an Exposition under...
8. The Artist Brothers and Their Dialogue in Art

9. Oq-Enli Carpet: Genesis, Artistic...
10. Continuity of Traditions
11. The Role of Music and Dance in...
12. The Art of Jazz in Uzbekistan
13. Artistic Career of Muyassar Razzakova
14. Felix Yanov-Yanovskiy in the...
15. Editorial Board

1. Results, Progress and Outlook
2. Semantics of Turban
3. Life and Style of a Renaissance Woman...
4. Features of Art Schools in...
5. Blacksmith's Craft in Bukhara
6. My Spiritual Sources
7. Bridges Connecting the Hearts

8. Sufistic Motifs in the Art...
9. The Palette of Emotions and Sentiments
10. Simphony in Clay
11. Hafisa Gilmanova: Reflected Light of...
12. New Trends in Uzbekistan Painting...
13. Editorial Board

1. Ateshkads in Zoroastrian Temples of...
2. The First Woman-Artist in the...
3. Gifted and Versatile Painter
4. New In Modern Art
5. Landscapes of Abduvali Muminov
6. Abduction of Reality as Approximation to Meaning
7. Creative Search
8. Colour and Music
9. Tokhtasin Jalilov

10. On the Issue of Tarona Studies
11. Music in Puppet Show
12. Mannon Uygur
13. Europe Seen by the Man from Uzbekistan
14. The Tree of Life
15. Decorative Ornamentation of Monumental...
16. Art Life Chronicle
17. Editorial Board

1. Tashkent: along the roads of history
2. The Ceramics of Chach
3. Tashkent, the Capital of Islamic Culture
4. Traditional Arts and Crafts of Tashkent
5. Interconnections in the Art of Murals
6. Russian Vanguard
7. Tashkent: New Ensembles of the Old City
8. The Artist, the Model, the Viewer

9. A Chronicle in Colours
10. Contemporary Art of Palestine
11. In search of the lost...
12. Usto Mumin in the Echo of Vanguard
13. The World of Central Asian Musical Instruments
14. Art Life Chronicle
15. Editorial Board

1. 10 years since the establishment of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan
2. The Years of Formation
3. A View on Contemporary Art
4. The Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan
5. Artistic Education in Uzbekistan
6. Art history of uzbekistan
7. Introduction to the Art Overseas

8. Achievements and Challenges
9. International Caravan-Sarai of Culture
10. The 10th Anniversary of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan
11. National Fine Arts of Karakalpakstan
12. New Books
13. Captions
14. Editorial Board

1. The Evolution of Uzbek National Costume
2. Restoration of monuments in Samarkand
3. Suzane from Nurata
4. New Life of Traditions
5. Every Day is the Day of Creation
6. The art of stage design
7. The Magic of Reality
8. Master in the Seventh Generation

9. Delegation of Belgium in Uzbekistan
10. Enlightened by Orient
11. News of Baisun
12. Max Ernst in Tashkent
13. Great Silk Road
14. Uzbek-Iranian Cultural Connections
15. New Books
16. Art Life Chronicle
17. Editorial Board

1. Architecture of Fayaz-Tepa
2. The building of public libray
3. Man of the new East
4. Traditional costume of Boysun women
5. Spring rainbow of SHOC countries in Tashkent
6. Harmony of undersongs
7. Scene designer Maria Soshina
8. Young architects
9. Art of Uzbek ganch-makers abroad

10. New names
11. Mini opera in Uzbekistan
12. Personality of Amir Temur
13. "Alpamysh" is a symbol of youth
14. " At home of Temuchjin
15. New facets of contemporary crafts
16. From Borsa-Kelmas up to Renaissance
17. Chronicle of Art Life
18. Editorial Board

1. Alisher Navoi and his epoch
2. Kamaliddin Bihzad and Music
3. Genesis of female mausoleums in
Central Asia

4. Miniatures of Sadriddin Pochaev
5. Marble cutting of Gazgan masters
6. The eternal true in interpretation Gairat Baimatov
7. Pictorial suite by Ilkhom Osman
8. Manysidedness of creativity
9. Nargiz Alimova

10. Nigora Latypova
11. Music of the Spheres: Fiction of Reality?
12. Music and-stylistic features
13. Ritual songs of Surkhan
14. Festival of Art Photo
15. New sides of cooperation
16. About me and art
16. Chronicle of Artistic Life
17. Editorial Board

1. Battles of Alexander the Great
2. From history of headwear in Uzbekistan
3. Ornament impersonates the World and Sky
4. Philosophy of Color
5. Dungan Costume and Ornaments
6. Cosmogony of tybeteika or "Anyialmond"
7. Masters of New East in global artistic process
8. Myths of the West and Myths of the East
9. National traditions and modern artist
10. The brothers artists from Zarabag
11. Allusions of Gulya Gromovas character sketches

12. Art works from natural materials
13. Gairat Ibraghimov
14. Dilshod Eshmatov
15. Gallery of Fine Arts of Uzbekistan
16. Restoration of historical heritage
17. Declaration
18. F. Karomatov
19. Youth in Art Criticism
20. New Books
21. Chronicle of Artistic Life
22. Editorial Board

1. Xenippa - Nahshab - Nasaf - Karshi
2. Battle-piece Genre in the Creative Work of Kamaletdin Behzad
3. Medieval Architecture of the Karshi City
4. Arts and Crafts of the Kashkadarya Oasis
5. Traditional Kashkadarya Female Clothing
6. Way to Self-knowledge
7. Here and Now
8. Sufi Parable and the Contemporary Art
9. Wind of his Motherland
10. From the History of the Karshi Musical Culture

11. Musical Classics as a Development Factor of the Spiritual Culture
12. The Issue of Artistic Integrity of Mass Performances
13. Talent Devoted to People
14. Director Bakhodir Yuldashev
15. Threads of Centuries Lead into the Future
16. Fashion - Perspectives of the French-Uzbek Cooperation
17. Chronicle of the Artistic Life
18. Editorial Board

1. Woman and Creation
2. Architecture and Artistic Culture
3. Female Images in Bactrian Coroplastics
4. Pearl of the Uzbek Art - artist Shamsroi Khasanova
5. "Soul Moving among Ideas" - Love Conception from Lubov Tiora
6. Fantasy Retrospective of Maxim Voronov
7. Miniature Style Gold Embroidered Pictures of Mahfuza Salimova
8. Traditional motives in today's fashion

9. A Little about Women ... and Theatre
10. Aesthetic Richness and National Color of the Uzbek Lullabies
11. Eulogy on My Lady Music
12. Remembering "Tanovar"
13. For the 80th Birthday Anniversary of A.Kh. Liviev
15. Chronicle of Art Life
16. Editorial Board

1. Pages of history
2. Medieval Art of Sogd
3. Samarkand governors
4. Symbolical "texts" of Afrasiab
5. Amir Temur and Philippe Brunelleschi
6. Under Auroral standards
7. The musical instruments of Samarkand
8. Samarkand Ceramics
9. Samarkand Suzane
10. The national costume

11. Under a spell of the East
12. Samarkand - harmony of forms
13. The Storyteller from Childhood
14. Art - Therapy
15. Music of Samarkand
16. Art is over the borders
17. G.A. Pugachenkova
18. New Books
19. Chronicle of Art Life
20. Editorial Board

1. Architecture
2. Horse equipment
3. Interior decor
4. Karakalpak woman
5. The master of Uzbek
6. Artist - Epoch - History
7. Poet Gafur Kadyirov
8. Song of the Soul

9. The dynasty of artists
10. Vladimir Pilipyuk
11. Batir Zakirov and "Music hall"
12. Cinematography
13. Cooperation of Uzbek
14. Uzbek - French contacts
15. Chronicle of Art Life
16. Editorial Board

1. Palette of the Ancient Artist
2. Look back at your home
3. Art metal
4. Tashkent Biennale - 2003
5. Temurgalib Djamolutdinov
6. Bahtiyor Mahkamov
7. The Sea is leaving
8. Dmitry Novakov
9. Eshmamat Khayitov

10. Uzbek pop music
11. Boysun historical
12. The Boysun Deer
13. Art of Uzbekistan
14. Speech of Art
15. Sculptors in Navoi
16. New Schoolbook
17. Chronicle of Art Life
18. Editorial Board

1. From history of Bukhara's
2. Splendour of Bukhara
3. Hydro Architecture of the Bukhara
4. Bukhara's costume
5. Plan-miniature of Bukhara
6. Bukhara's Art of jewelry
7. Decor in Bukhara's
8. Lively colors of Bukhara's

9. Bukhara's Gold Embroidery
10. Bukhara's Artist
11. View of Bukhara's sculpture
12. Abduvohid Krimov
13. Mutavakkil Burkhanov
14. Chronicle of Art Life
15. Editorial Board

1. Hellenic traditions
2. Reconstruction of Chorustun
3. Architectural masterpieces
4. Dialogue
5. Desert and Garden
6. The Uzbek path of cubism
7. Vakhob Ziyaev
8. The Reflection

9. To art biography
10. Khazarasp
11. Musical Portraits of Cities
12. Art in Centuries
13. Chronicle of Art Life
14. The World of Fine Arts
15. Editorial Board

1. Monuments of ancient art
2. Capitals - columns from Mizdahkan
3. Ritual jewelry
4. Kiymeshek
5. The Unique Treasury
6. My Karakalpakstan
7. Crystal - clear streets
8. Phenomenon of Edison Kee's Art

9. Khodjimetov Sherzod
10. Baksi and Jyrau
11. Musical Spring in Boysun
12. Boysun Ceramics
13. International contacts
14. Chronicle of Art Life
15. Editorial Board

1. Navruz
2. Coroplastics of East Kashkadrya
3. Uzbekistan and Spain
4. Rabats and Sardoba of Abdullakhan
5. Makhallya in Evolution of the City
6. Peter Annenkov
7. Echo of Ancient Epos
8. Akhmetshina Rezeda

9. Ikram Akbarov and Evolution
10. Metamorphoses
11. Rhythms of Inspiration
12. Our Dear Old
13. Seismograph
14. Chronicle of Art Life
15. Editorial Board

1. High Day for Soul
2. Ancient Korea and Ancient Uzbekistan
3. Central Asian Beads
4. Wall Painting at Tavka
5. Buddhist Mandalas
6. Ceramic of Bukhara
7. Lions in Seclusion
8. Ages of Prosperity

9. Relief of the Memory
10. Artist Alisher Alikulov
11. Uzbek Pop - Music
12. Inanimate Puppet Playing
13. Chronicle of Art Life
14. Editorial Board

1. The Cultic Semantics of Ceramics
2. The Medieval Vessel
3. The Urban Development
4. The Art World
5. The Hunter after Secret
6. "Navkiron Uzbekiston"
7. Clothing of the Kungrat Women
8. The Tapestry

9. Muse Of Photograph
10. Another Cinema
11. Analysis of historical prototypes
12. Chronicle of Art Life
13. Editorial Board

1. Historical Civilizations
2. To Phenomenology
3. The Khorezm Jewelry Art
4. The Gijduvan Traditional Embroidery
5. "Thirst of life" Tura Shomirzaev
6. The Way to Poetry and Philosophy
7. Gobelins of Olim Ismoilov
8. Boysun - bahori

9. The Festival Becomes
10. The Iranian Miniature
11. The Jewelry - Land
12. Congratulations
13. Chronicle of Art Life
14. Editorial Board

1. A new primitive art
2. Gava Sughda - Nautaka - Kesh
3. The architectural masterpieces
4. The embroidery of Shahrisabz
5. Creating means revealing
6. Sculptor Ravshan Mirtajiyev
7. Jurat Rahmani
8. Ceramic artist Ashur Mamasoliyev

9. Zaur Mansurov
10. Abdujabbor Nazilov
11. A small theatre
12. Bakhtiyor Turayev
13. The colourful threads
14. Composer Mirsadyk Tajiyev
15. Art chronicle
16. Editorial Board

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