Crystal - clear streets of Babaniyaza Kurbanov

At first look, the creative world of the artist Babaniyaz Kurbanov seems located within the certain frameworks: streets of a kishlak, a yard, a field, old things... Sometimes - portraits of old people... Logically it could be explained: his childhood went by in Sherabad tuman of Surkhandarya viloyat, in the mountain kishlak Zarabag, in which streets he ran barefoot, helping parents to cultivate a field. Wide popularity came to B.Kurbanov after the picture "Zamonaviy dala" ("Modern field"), exposed in Uzbekistan and Moscow and published in the Moscow magazine "Artist". Bakhodir Jalalov in the article "Colours of Surkhan" characterized it: "Each time when we walk on cotton fields, we have such impression: furrows, arable land, trays, water and a tractor. Babaniyaz has enriched this impression with a wonderful picture: the blue sky, helicopter, pavilion on horizon, a black arable land and huge trays. The picture makes the spectator to pause ("San'at", 1983, № 2). "Zamonaviy dala" was caused by childish memories: when he was just 13 - 14 he together with the other pupils had been gathering cotton for several months in Sherabad steppe. This boring and hard picture fixed in his young soul for life. This canvas is a hint on total stranglehold and hidden cruelty.

Babaniyaz lived in a mountain kishlak where landscapes abound in all colours of a rainbow, they are unique - wavy yellow - red hills, dwarfish mulberries and the golden gardens, blazing trefoil, castellated mountains, karagach and adobe houses-duvals... In the 90s, all this has found reflection in pictures "Dekson olami" ("The World of dehkanin"), "Zarabagdaghi k?cha" ("The Street in Zarabag"), "Eski kovli" ("The Old house"), "Mening k?cham" ("My street"), "Musika" ("Music").

Babaniyaz graduated from Tashkent Institute of Theatre and Art named after A.Ostrovsky (nowadays - National Institute of Applied Arts and Design of K.Bekhzod. Painting Faculty (class of National artist of Uzbekistan Neimat Kuzybaev). It is necessary to note, that his "yards" and "streets", drawn in a realistic manner, captivate with their sincerity and simplicity. Such vision of the world, this original way of perception went over years. These creative searches have been expressed in the works "Mulberry garden" ("Tutzor"), "Spring" ("Bulol"), "Southern latitudes" ("Janub kengliklari"), "Zarabag landscape" ("Zarabag manzarasi") and "Fonus in a garden " ("Chorbogdaghi fonus"). The colour palette of pictures was born as a result of direct observation of the nature. However he seemed as if something is absent and it guarded. Like many other artists, he tried to experience in an "avant - garde" manner, that, probably, pleased the Moscow collectors who bought tens his pictures. Babaniyaz continued the searches.

Appeal of realism is in expression of actual experience and impressions received from that. The soul was chafed with native landscapes... Like many other creative persons and artists, such as Lekim Ibraghimov, Engel Iskhakov, Vyacheslav Akhunov, Nodir Shoabdurakhmanov, Gulnora Rakhmanov, V.Melnikov and others, Babaniyaz Kurbanov writes verses, articles, essays and aphorisms. Philosophical reflections have brought him to creation of new works, where all the same yards and streets. Now at the childish impressions Babaniyaz looks through a prism of his life experience, aspiring to express them, using light and quiet colours. Especially noteworthy are his pictures of small rural streets. In the art gallery of National Bank of Uzbekistan there are "Jonajon k?cha" ("Native street"), "Musika" ("Music"), "Eski k?cha" ("Old street"), "Zarabagdaghi k?cha" ("Street in Zarabag"), "Momomdan esdalik" ("Memory from the grandmother"), "Bobomdan esdalik" ("Memory from the grandfather"). Gentle, clear and quiet colours are the result of artist's heart experience in comprehension of the native land. In particular, his narrow, between adobe houses, streets or a yard with got stuck araba excite heart as this is a piece of the native land filled up with gentle light and with clean air. The artist forms compositions originally, aspiring to present them horizontally or vertically, from afar and close, in different foreshortenings that helps to understand the picture more deeply, to penetrate into its nature.

In the artist's diary "Some notes about art" there are such words: "They say, Art is one percent of the talent and ninety nine percents of work. This one percent reminds a piece of coal, flickering among ashes". I do not know, as far as it is correct, but I have no doubts concerning sincerity of the artist, because in his works this piece of coal shines. It warms the soul of those who especially needs it.

Here are some verses of the artist Babaniyaz Kurbanov (translated from Uzbek).

From a cycle "On green palms of branches"

* * *
In a pool is plashing a gentle gird.
How happy she is now!
Oh, dreams! I have plunged also into your chasm.
And was helpless...

* * *
Breeze, stop, take rest a little,
Look at a green palm of leaves!
Dew burns an emerald,
In this life it is like me,
Passing and memento.
Certainly, and it lives dreaming,
Certainly it has the songs
And melodies not still sung.
Breeze, stop,
Take rest a little.
Prevent disappearance
Of great wonder which can happen?!

* * *
Empty street,
Empty soul,
Monotonous landscape.
And a vagrant lonely dog
Like my dreams not coming true.

* * *
Even if you have the snake at home,
Do not put it in the bosom.

* * *
The Earth can cover our transitory body,
But it cannot cover our past.

* * *
The mirror showing dishonest as fair,
Is false itself.

Author: Nodir Normatov

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